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Customer FAQ

How the system works?

System works as intermediate service platform between people and companies looking for business contacts / leads and people who are willing to share and sell contact information they own. As a seller you are welcome to sell all professional contacts that will be approved by admin. 

How i can get contact information?

You can search for any company by using our filters and text search. Each company will have available contact information inside. You can uncover any contact information by adding to your prospects. Only registered users can see full contact information.

How much it costs to get contact data?

There are three plans available. Each plan have different price and in turn different cost for 1 contact. You can find all pricing details here

Which information will be present of the purchased contact?

You can see which information will be present before purchasing the contact. The hidden information will be unveiled after purchase. Note all of the contacts have phone number or linked in link. However all contacts has email, name, surname, company and position.

Can i change my subscription plan?

Yes, you can change your subscription plan at any time in Payments page. After subscription crenelation you will be able to access the site until last day of purchased subscription.

Do i loose credits if i change subscription plan?

No you never loose credits. All credits rolls over to newly purchased plan.

What happens if the contact I bought is invalid?

If you think that the contact you purchased is not valid you have a chance to cancel the contact. Contact can be canceled only within 7 days of purchase. Contact cancellation don't guarantees you any refund.  All refund are managed on statistical accuracy basis, meaning if less then 20% of clients will cancel the contact, your credits will be refunded.

How smart search for manufacturers works?

In smart search window you can enter your manufacturing area, either it's final product, like furniture, bedding's or windows either you are contract manufacturer and dealing with SMT, plastic processing, Die casting, etc. Companies will be selected according your profile automatically. 

How can i cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in Payments window.

How can i contact support?

You can contact support by mailing us at any time: