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How to supply leads?

Just register, Add leads to your account and start Selling. Reach global market instantly by supplying leads and earning money. For more detailed information please register and refer to our sellers FAQ.

How to find leads?

Use our search engine to reach global targeted leads in seconds. Multiple filtering and smart filtering dedicated for manufacturers will make the process fast and accurate. Start scaling your sales now.

Who we are?

OEM Leads is a sophisticated lead generation service provider enabling unlimited scalability in terms of lead supply and usability. Our system is designated for finding and supplying leads where both parties meet.

How it works?

Our system is dedicated for companies looking for business contacts and lead generation as much as lead suppliers who can satisfy the growing vast demand for such data. Our main goal is to provide targated information with higest possible accuracy and precision.

OEM Leads system is designed to continuously process supplied data and evaluate it's precision in order to serve valid and verified leads to our customers.